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Ruby Loropetalum is not your typical “evergreen” shrubs, it produces multi-colored foliage and specially when it’s receives a good 4-6 hours of direct sunlight than it brings out a contrast of deep-purple colored leaves but if they don’t receive adequate sunlight than it remains plain green. Fringe Flower is an evergreen shrub or small tree that is twiggy and irregularly rounded from Asia in the witch hazel family. Above is an example. Fragrant, pink flowers in spring add to this shrub’s appeal. This Loropetalum will reach 6 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. See more ideas about shrubs, plants, trees to plant. So continue to monitor the PH of the soils in order to prevent this from happening. Anyway, let’s dive a little deeper and get to know this evergreen shrub in much more detail. be careful of falling branches. They hold their leaves throughout the winter months still adding ruby color to your otherwise barren landscape. So if you are one of those individuals who are looking to add bit of privacy to your surroundings, so this could be an ideal shrub for this purpose. It needs the sun to maintain its dark foliage, a full and dense shape, and bloom well. The need to prune the Loropetalum may arise if it is planted as a hedge. They break up all the green and function well. In the landscape, this Loropetalum is great for hedges, natural areas, small privacy screenings, and berm plantings. Flowers sporadically throughout the summer. Categories: Loropetalum, Shrubs. They hold their leaves throughout the winter months still adding ruby color to your otherwise barren landscape. But not of great concern. Flowers sporadically throughout the summer. if you’re pruning to remove bacterial galls disinfect the pruners between each cut. Loropetalum is a garden stand-out not just for its richly colored foliage but also because it sets off everything else in your landscaping. The evergreen foliage holds its dark color all year for year round interest. The cultivars which we grow have reddish or pinkish purple flowers and are scented. if too much condensation builds up inside the plastic bag, leave it off for a few minutes to let the moisture run off. The Ruby Loropetalum is the most popular Loropetalum! It has a loose, slightly open habit and a roughly rounded to vase-shaped form with a medium-fine texture. Always be sure to prune off any dead or diseased branches if you loropetalum looks bad. In my experience, in order to achieve the best possible result, use a softwood cutting, taken in spring just as the new growth starts to mature and ideally, the cutting should be 4 to 5 inches long with a fresh and healthy looking stems. Keep the growing medium moist but not soggy during the rooting process, gently water the cutting daily to keep the leaves well-hydrated. 'Ruby' (Loropetalum chinense f. rubrum 'Ruby'), a naturally occurring hybrid, prefers warmer temperatures and will only grow perennially in USDA zones 8 through 10. In the end, I would just like to say, Ruby Loropetalum may not be an ideal plant for every garden, but it has some important landscaping use, and given its low maintenance and it’s should be under consideration for beginner gardeners. this is not the same as a carpenter’s saw it has a narrower blade that’s easier to maneuver inside the shrub. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Failed to subscribe, please contact admin. Loropetalum Varieties. One thing to keep in mind, before pruning ruby loropetalum shrubs, particularly when cutting diseased branches, disinfect your pruning tools. Each April, bright pink clusters of fringe-shaped flowers appear almost like magic. Showy hot pink blooms appear in spring and occasionally in summer. Unusual bright pink fringe flowers bloom throughout the year. is one of the largest sources of information about all your gardening needs. Features: The deep ruby red foliage fades from burgundy to hunter green, providing color for all those little spaces that need a little extra pizazz! To avoid cutting off these flower buds, prune ruby loropetalum soon after it finishes flowering in spring. It matures to an average height of 5 feet to 5 feet and an average width of 4 feet to 6 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. Ruby Loropetalum, sometimes called the Chinese Fringe Flower, is a versatile shrub that is a member of the witch hazel family. After 4-6 weeks the roots will start to develop and then the cuttings can be transplanted individual containers and later on they can be moved to a more permanent location. In order to tree form a Loropetalum you'll need to remove lower branches. Loropetalum Loropetalum. Loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense) is a versatile and attractive evergreen shrub.It grows fast and can be used in many different ways in the landscape. Are you interested in knowing about an evergreen shrub which is very versatile and have multiple landscape uses and best of all it requires little to maintenance and it is every lazy gardener’s dream. Blooms are most prevalent in early spring, and again in mid fall but occasional bloom outbursts will be seen here & there throughout the entire growing season. A five-second dip in 0.1-percent or 1000 parts per million, IBA rooting hormone liquid helps rooting, but you don’t have to use it. Dip your softwood cuttings tool in undiluted, full-strength household disinfectant for few minutes to sanitize it, then rinse it in hot water and let it air dry completely before use, this will help prevent diseases from transferring from one plant to another. Mulch will protect the roots in extreme temperatures and keep the soil moist. We suggest planting out in the yard or in natural area where they can grow. Bacterial Gall Disease is a quite dangerous bacterial disease caused by a Bacterium Pseudomonas Savastanoi and it is entered through damaged stems or freshly pruned stems which have open wound. this gives the plant time to produce new stem growth where flower buds begin forming for next year’s bloom. They break up all the green and function well. After seven years it reaches a height of approx. choose bypass or anvil hand pruners. This loropetalum will reach 6 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. Ruby grows pretty fast to about 6 feet tall and wide. Ruby loropetalum is a multi-stemmed shrub, whose natural shape is typically upright and having an overall rounded appearance with slightly arching stems. This loropetalum will reach 6 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. Perfect Plants offers a standard size variety, Loropetalum Zhuzhou (Loropetalum chinense rubrum ‘Zhuzhou’), that gets 10-15 feet tall, and a dwarf loropetalum version, Ruby loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense rubrum ‘Ruby’), that stays under 4-5 feet high. For years, Ruby Loropetalum had been the Loropetalum cultivar of choice and was recognized as a fairly low maintenance landscape plant with very little insect of … The Daruma Loropetalum is a delightful, compact shrub that provides dark ruby color all year around. Wash a 6-inch pot in hot, soapy water. This plant doesn’t require much water as it is considered quite a drought-resistant plant but during it’s early growing phase it does need ample amount of water to expedite growth. So much in stock too! 15-20° F. Leaves are more rounded and undulating than other Loropetalum and is also among the smallest of the cultivars. Applying fertilizer to your Ruby Loropetalum during its planting phase will help with its growth, so try adding a slow nutrient releasing fertilizer around 1/3 of tsp per a gallon of water. These are considered drought tolerant but they are quite susceptible to frost damage and even in the regions such as USDA hardiness zone 7 and below, your ruby loropetalum will begin to wither. It is more deep ruby than the 12 inch tall Ruby Loropetalum. 10 Plants of (1 Gallon) Ruby LOROPETALUM (Chinese Fringe Flower) Ruby Red Foliage, Hot Pink Flowers, Compact Shrub (3 Gallon) Purple Pixie LOROPETALUM-Striking, Dwarf, Weeping, Compact Shrub, Deep Burgundy Evergreen Foliage,Showy Pink … In that case, you need to prune the bush to the desired height and thickness. They do tend to flower better in a soil that is kept slightly moist. Explore The LOROPETALUM RUBY This evergreen bushy shrub has fragrant, spider-like pink flowers borne in cymes in late winter or early spring. Ruby Loropetalum, also known as Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower, is a compact, rounded evergreen shrub works well as a foundation planting or hedge. Transplanting easily from containers, loropetalums preferred growing conditions include sun to partial shade (especially afternoon shade) and organically-rich, gritty, acidic soil with good drainage, though they are adaptable to less than ideal soils..  “Ruby Loropetalum (Chinese Fringe flower) is an evergreen shrub which belongs to witch hazel family or in botanical term is “Hemamelidaceae”. Check out our dwarf varieties if you need a more manageable size. 3-5 ft. tall. How to Grow and Care for Ruby Loropetalum (Chinese Fringe Flower), Ruby Loropetalum – Landscape uses and Ideas, Pre-requisite for Growing Ruby Loropetalum, Pests and Disease Problem and their Solutions, How to Grow and Care for Gopher Plant (Euphorbia Rigida) – | Lovely Home Gardens, Astromelias – How to Grow and Care For This Exotic Flower, How to Grow and Care for Mexican Oregano Plant – | Lovely Home Gardens, How to Grow and Care for Manuka Flower – | Lovely Home Gardens, White Aster – How to Grow and Care for this White Beauty -| Lovely Home Gardens. Especially early in this plant’s life care needs to be taken to ensure that adequate water quantity is given to the plant, so that the soil never loses its moisture. The Loropetalum 'Fire Dance' was planted (March 2019) in part shade by a NW facing fence, protected by other plants from cold winds and frost. We suggest planting out in the yard or in natural area where they can grow. Never Bareroot... All plants come rooted into a container with soil. When working with rooting hormone, wear protective gloves and long sleeves, and discard the excess used hormone rather than trying to reuse it. Variety or Cultivar 'Ruby Snow' _ 'Ruby Snow' is a rounded to mound-forming, evergreen shrub with arching branches bearing rounded, leathery, dark purple to maroon leaves and cymes of fragrant, spider-like, creamy-white flowers in late winter and early spring. You can prune this shrub into a small tree if desired. Loropetalum “Zhuzhou” grows 10′ – 12′ tall and around 8′ – 10′ wide. Propagation of Ruby Loropetalum is a fairly simple process by stem cuttings just follow the step by step process below; As Cuttings is one of the most common and guaranteed way of rooting new Ruby Loropetalum shrubs and the resulting shrub will be an identical copy of the parent stems in all aspects from its flower down to it’s length. Mounding, evergreen shrub Dark purple/burgundy leaves Jun 5, 2020 - Explore PlantingTree's board "Loropetalum", followed by 4538 people on Pinterest. Get all latest content delivered to your email a few times a month. The Ruby Loropetalum growth rate is slow, only up to 6 inches-12 inches per year. Stick the leafless portion of the Ruby Loropetalum cutting into the hole and hold it upright while pressing the medium firmly against the stem and water around the base to settle the medium. For this reason, Ruby Loropetalum should be planted with 3 to 5 feet apart to create a hedge row. Having said that, giving it too much water on the other hand can have some adverse effects on the health of the plant and specially if there is standing water, which could sweep into the root system and it could really weaken the roots and damage the plant. Prune lightly to create more density or form a small tree by removing lower branches. It's low water needs makes it suitable for use in Xeriscape plantings. Shop the Ruby Loropetalum for sale. But it prefers full sun but can also grow in partial shade as long as it’s receiving at least 2-6 hours of direct sun because sunlight influence the purple-burgundy foliage. Always be sure to prune off any dead or diseased branches if you loropetalum looks bad. Handheld pruning shears work for small twigs or branches up to 1/2 inch in diameter just to tidy up a fringe flower shrub. If you wait until the fall to prune ruby loropetalum, you will remove the flower buds for the following spring’s blossoms and you may encourage the shrub to produce tender new leaves that are susceptible to frost damage. Combine equal parts sharp sand or perlite and peat in a bucket. Young leaves are reddish-purple, maturing to deep green. There is a Loropetalum variety & size for every landscape need. Discoloration of Leaves occurs due to rise of alkalinity levels of the soils, especially when the soil alkalinity reaches a pH greater than 7.0. Accents areas of your landscape that need a little "some... Meyer Lemon Tree Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag that is large enough to surround the Ruby Loropetalum cutting without resting against it. It is also known as Pixie Loropetalum (I believe). Combine equal parts sharp sand or perlite and peat in a bucket. Make a clean cut on the softwood cutting approximately 1/4 inch below a set of leaves, then remove all the leaves along the bottom half of the stem to expose the nodes and this is the place from where the new roots will emerge. It’s also an excellent choice as mass planting shrub but do keep one thing in mind, planting this shrub in front of your house can look a bit messy so it is advisable to use it as a background shrub with plenty of room to expand. Loropetalum History and Origin: Loropetalum is a genus within the Hamamelidaceae family, native to China, Japan and south east Asia. Add 2-3 inches of mulch when planting. Loropetalum chinense 'Ruby' - Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower is a smaller variety of Loropetalum with a compact, rounded form. Their flowers are spider like and white in the true species. One of the best thing about Ruby Loropetalum is quite a rough and tough plant and it could almost survive and thrive under most of the temperatures and climates except for places where the temperature falls below freezing in winters. Loropetalum bushes tolerate heavy pruning and bounce back with intense vigor. Loropetalum Ruby is an attractive dark green-purple leaf loropetalum has a compact growth habit that is easy to maintain. If you find this an interesting preposition and want to know more about this evergreen shrub, then let me give you a very brief overview, so that you can decide for yourself whether this is the right type of plant for your garden. Shop the Ruby Loropetalum for sale. The species plant offers deep green leaves and a mass of white flowers, but cultivars vastly expand the color choices. Loropetalum Ruby Foliage:-Evergreen foliage of the Loropetalum Ruby shrub has deep reddish purple colored new growth that matures to a green as it ages. Other common names loropetalum 'Fire Dance' . No pruning is necessary. Description. The Ruby prefers full sun. Provide a deep watering once or twice per week until established. Synonyms Loropetalum chinense f.rubrum 'Fire Dance' . These plants are hardy down to USDA zone 7, which means they can grow where temperatures do not drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant your Ruby Loropetalum anytime of the year. The oval leaves are burgundy colored.Ruby Loropetalum is covered in masses of hot pink / fuschia colored blooms that are very reminiscent of tassels or pom poms. Very easy to grow! Ruby Loropetalum Great for straight or staggered privacy hedges to single plantings, this shrub is extremely versatile. Cutting Type and Preparation Chinese fringe flower shrubs root best from softwood cuttings … Order online, and we will ship right to your door. Ruby Loropetalum can be paired with Gold Mop Cypress. , and most other plants in your landscape. Fill the pot with the moistened mixture to within 1/2 inch of the top. Ruby Loropetalum comes in full bloom during mid spring and you will begin to notice new red ruby color foliage starts to form and its color keeps getting darker and will continue until autumn and by that time it would have turned into burgundy. Loropetalum, commonly known as Chinese fringe bush, brighten borders and hedges with spring flowers and lush green foliage. Loropetalum is a genus of four species of shrubs or small trees in the witch-hazel family, Hamamelidaceae, native to China, Japan, and south-eastern Asia. Loropetalum Ruby Soil Preference / Salt tolerance: – Loropetalum plants prefer rich moist but well drained slightly acid soils. Loropetalum prefers moist and well-drained soil, enriched with a Trim out dead and diseased branches. Product Overview Spice up the look of your landscape with the Loropetalum Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower. This shrub is the smallest variety of Loropetalum, growing 3 to 5 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide, making it a wonderful shrub to put along a foundation or in a smaller landscape area. The burst of color that the Ever Red Lorapetalum lends to its surroundings makes it a key component in creating the most scenic landscape achievable. Some species of Loropetalum can have green foliage and white flowers, but it is generally found in its coveted maroon-foliaged form, which is the subject of this piece. Use this loropetalum in the back of the landscape. This was a great alternative to buying locally because I could easily select the variety I wanted and read about it! Now that we have a basic understanding of Ruby Loropetalum, but continue reading we are going to get into a much more details about the process and nitty gritty of things. It would help to prune the bush to half its height, or at least a … (There is a dwarf version - 'Plum' - that can be trimmed to 3 feet or less.) Loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense) is a versatile and attractive evergreen shrub.It grows fast and can be used in many different ways in the landscape. So best thing you can do is to ensure that your  Ruby Loropetalum continues to receive adequate quantity of soil during it’s growing phase. Keep stirring and adding water until the peat plumps up and the whole mixture feels moist. Dig a planting hole at least three times as wide as the root ball of the plant. Ruby Loropetalum reaches a maximum height of around 5 feet’s and may need only a little nip and tuck to keep them in bounds. Loropetalum looks best when allowed to grow to its full size and naturally graceful shape, though it can also tolerate heavy pruning into formal hedging or topiaries. Ruby Loropetalum can be paired with Gold Mop Cypress, Dianthus, and most other plants in your landscape. It's grown more for the beautiful leaf color rather than the small hot pink, fringe-like flowers. Dwarf Loropetalum Shrub Size. Use this Loropetalum in the back of the landscape. Unfortunately, there were several broken limbs. Just take care to water more often when planting in summer. For many gardeners, witch-hazel will be more well-known for its curious muted-yellow blooms that appear in late fall, just as the leaves of the witch-hazel are falling.

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